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The Guest Department of the Embassy of God church wishes to welcome you to Kyiv!


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+38 (044) 331-02-58
We hope and look forward to having you with us to enjoy the experience of God’s grace and power for all His children. Therefore we will be glad to consider your response to our Request Form.

The Guest Department is dedicated to assisting you with:
  • arranging transportation for you (from your arrival to your departure);
  • arranging accommodation;
  • and more.
We hope to make your stay as comfortable as possible by providing a GUIDE from our Hospitality Ministry who can translate for you and help to organize a program for you to visit some of many Embassy of God’s ministries:
  • Levels’ preparation of training people from the newcomers to the church leaders
  • Missionary Center
  • Building a mega church project
  • Personal Restoration and Society Transformation Center
  • “Institute of Fatherhood”
  • Youth Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • School/University Ministry (prevention)
  • Youth Church “Skimens”
  • Orphanage
  • Social work “How to win any city for Christ through social activities”
  • Social work with children, adults, elderly people
  • “Cities of Refuge” project for drug and alcohol addicted people
  • NGO “Sport against drugs”
  • Soup Kitchen “Stephania” for homeless people
  • Movement of the work with drug corruption
  • Movement of help
  • Work with immoral advertisements
  • Building a mega church project
and go sight-seeing in the ancient city of Kyiv.

Visa Application Form

We love you and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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+38 (093) 032-44-88
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+38 (044) 331-02-58


2 Izhevskaya str., Tent, Kyiv city, Ukraine


  • Sundays: at 12:00

  • Thursdays: at 18:30



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