18th Anniversary

God’s Embassy Church 18th Anniversary closing service

06 April 2012 Published in 18th Anniversary
God’s Embassy Church 18th Anniversary closing service went on with a special presence of God. The hosts Roman and Anna Trokhin opened the evening with greeting and congratulating the Church with its birthday. This Church really has given a new destiny to everyone who was present at the conference. The auditorium was filled with God’s love from the very start of praise and worship. The testimonies of people who were obedient to God’s will continued to praise and exalt God. Married couples gave testimonies of  how their families became restored and changed after they had gone through retreats, schools of…

What I learn from the Embassy of God

01 April 2012 Published in 18th Anniversary
The third day of the 18th anniversary of the Embassy of God church started with wonderful worship to our Lord. In the first service everyone present joined in songs of praise and prayers to God led by the Right Bank Church (Kyiv, Ukraine). Testimonies to the glory of God in the lives of believers were shared as this service continued. Three gorgeous women shared their testimonies  from the podium: Diana Ryazanova, Natalia Daineko, and Liudmila Bondarenko. For many years their lives were poisoned with alcohol and drugs. However, today, thanks to God, they change destinies of other people doing social…

Pastor Sunday Adelaja: "The only thing worth living for - is an eternity. The rest is dustand vanity, which will soon be forgotten".

01 April 2012 Published in 18th Anniversary
The second day of the 18th anniversary of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all nations was opened by a daughter church "Song of Solomon" (Kiev). They praised God for His mercy, grace, and a new destiny, which He gives to everyone who comes to Him with a sincere heart. There was unity, peace and rejoicing among people in the hall because there is nothing better than praising the Lord.   All the guests and those who shared their testimonies about the incredible events and changes in their lives were giving gratitude to God that day.  …

The Openning of God’s Embassy Church 18th Anniversary has taken place

31 March 2012 Published in 18th Anniversary
At 10.00 in the morning Ukrainian fanfares resounded and the hosts in Ukrainian costumes greeted all guests of God’s Embassy Church 18thAnniversary. Dmitriy Gira sang the hymn of Ukraine, and the standing audience sang with him from the bottom of their hearts. Then the choir Grain of Love performed the song “We Are Ambassadors”. While they were performing, dancers in Ukrainian costumes and costumes of the nations of the world came up to the stage. Then Pastor Andrey Kuksenko encouraged the audience to rise and praise the King of kings. As soon as the first song of praise “Jesus is…

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