19th Anniversary

Let the father be glorified in his sons! By Prof. Vincent Anigbogu

17 June 2013 Published in 19th Anniversary
The nineteenth anniversary of the God’s Embassy church was declared as the Year of the Son’s Revelation. Since then the church has continued to celebrate its anniversaries as an important event for praising the name of the living God. The evening service on the third day of the 19th Church’s anniversary started with praise and worship led by the team of the English speaking church and the songs were sang both in Russian and English making the session more multinational. Nataliya Zyryanova gave a testimony of God’s goodness in her life; that after getting married she desperately wanted to conceive…

The Father's Baptism By Pastor Derek Schneider

27 April 2013 Published in 19th Anniversary
Matthew 20:22, NASB “But Jesus answered, ‘You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink?’ They *said to Him, ‘We are able.’” In Matthew 20:22, a very zealous mother came to Jesus with her two sons.  She took one son on one side and then another son on her other side and said, “Jesus, can these two sons be seated at your right and your left?”Jesus gave a profound response.  In His response He alluded to a baptism of trial and suffering.  He said, “To sit on My right…

Why it is necessary to become a son By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

26 April 2013 Published in 19th Anniversary
Truly, a church is the height of beauty and perfection! On April 6, 2013, during the second service of the 19th Anniversary of the Embassy of God Church, there was an incredibly awesome atmosphere of glory, majesty, triumph and celebration. The church has gone straight from glory to glory and from strength to strength. Every service of the Anniversary was exciting and unique, filled with God’s miracles and glory. "All honor and praise be to Jesus. Reveal to everyone Your greatness and illuminate our ways, our doings. Sing and praise the Lord, all the earth. " In unity and love…

Christianity is NOT Democracy! By Pastor Bose Adelaja

26 April 2013 Published in 19th Anniversary
As the celebration continues on the second day of the conference, God’s triumph and greatness reigns in the atmosphere; the stage is decorated with 19 multi-colored umbrellas, symbolizing the years of God Embassy church. Flags from almost 30 different nations represented in the church are seen in the building. The morning service began with an explosive session of praise and worship led by guests from Russia. The choir not only sang, but was dancing unsparingly unto the Lord…the entire congregation rejoiced and had a glorious moment praise God. To top it up, the ‘Art-Creative Group’, dressed in Ukrainian costumes, gave…

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