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Dear Friends!

10 September 2014 Published in Active Citizenship
Military operations which take place in the eastern Ukraine have caused mass displacement of inhabitants from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. According to UN statistics, till August 20 the total number of migrants in Ukraine increased to 190 thousand people. Due to the fact that there is no centralized system of registration of people – as it is also known that many people from the East of the country are not registered for fear of persecution, or because they simply don’t see any sense in it since the status of migrants does not imply any specific assistance – the actual number…

Julia Barteneva: "An alternative means different, and has different influences on the show-business"

17 June 2013 Published in Active Citizenship
The Head of the Department of Culture and the Mediaof the Charitable fund "Revival of children in Ukraine" Foundation, the chief organizer of the vocal project for emerging artists “Time of changes”, singer and presenter, winner of the online voting 5th week of the project  X-Factor 2011 Yulia Barteneva told us about the state of modern show business, about the X- Factor project and its objectives, and the responsibility of the church in the reformation of the show business sector. Julia, you are known in the Embassy of God church as a young, beautiful singer, emcee, and also due to…

An Award for Tatyana Litvin from the President of Ukraine!

25 March 2013 Published in Active Citizenship
The President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, has awarded a medal of ‘Hard Work and Courage’ to Tatyana Litvin, the founder of a Charitable Organization “Women’s Future”. The award ceremony took place at the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) during the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the association of the ARC's local government and the city of Sevastpol. President Viktor Yanukovich has congratulated the region on their success. Tatyana’s award follows her commitment to the lobbying and advocacy work as a community affairs representative to the Cabinet of Ministers of restoring the value and importance of…

Testimonies of teenagers from the "Prilukskaya" Prison

21 February 2013 Published in Active Citizenship
Dear friends, we would like to present to you a wonderful testimony of Natalia Khalitova about the ministry to teenagers at the  Prilukskaya juvenile prison. "On December 30, 2012 God gave me a special word for the teens we have been ministering to, and after I finished preaching the message, we suddenly become witnesses to a remarkable awakening among the teens - the entire second unit made a decision to become disciples of Jesus Christ! We have been “watering” this desert with the Word of God for the entire year 2012. Our team went there every single weekend. Usually the…

Great things happening in Struy City!

15 February 2013 Published in Active Citizenship
Two organizations in Struy City, Lviv Region, ‘Save the Future’ and ‘Kinderland’, organized and hosted a charity event known as ‘Gather Christmas presents for children’ in the ‘Love to do good’ Project. The event was followed by a concert on January 8th 2013, on which the children received their presents. The aim of this event was to bring happiness and joy to children living in difficult circumstances such as being orphans, or those living in low-income families and those surrounded by drug and alcohol addiction. The concert was attended by approximately 100 children with adults eagerly waiting to receive Christmas…

The Senior Leadership of the State Penitentiary Office of Ukraine has awarded the Head of non-profit organization “Sport against drugs” Yuriy Verhman with the honourable award

11 January 2013 Published in Active Citizenship
The Senior Leadership of the State Penitentiary Office of Ukraine has awarded the Head of non-profit organization “Sport against drugs” Yuriy Verhman  with the honourable  award “ For effective cooperation and a major contribution into the development of the Penal System of Ukraine”. We would like to remind you that NGO “Sport against drugs” has been visiting correctional facilities for 5 years helping a great number of guys to find their place in life after being released from prison.   NGO “Sport against drugs” is a voluntary non-profit organization of citizens that is dealing with implementation of preventative measures among…


19 June 2012 Published in Active Citizenship
Hello People,   The Lord is good all the time. "If anyone is in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature; the old has gone, the new has come," 2 Corinthians 5:17   This weekend was very interesting. We went to Las Vegas a day after the fight of Manny Pacquiao. JIL Church coordinated Pacquiao's first crusade here in the States, and we were invited to attend at Riviera Convention Center.   The atmosphere was charged when the meeting started. Manny Pacquiao and his family came and he spoke to the crowd, sharing the love of God. Bishop Brother Eddie…

Nina Brizhko raised a boy with cerebral palsy, helped him get back on his feet and wants to help others

28 April 2012 Published in Active Citizenship
"Actually I am a very ordinary woman. I am bringing up a child with disabilities. I adopted him from an orphanage when he was four years old. He had cerebral palsy and many others diagnoses... He did not look healthy. His head was bigger than it should be, his mouth hung open and saliva flowed. His legs were also very weak. The boy crawled on his hands. He jumped on his arms and his hands were as rough as our feet. His legs were completely immobile." – This is how Nina Arkhipovna Brizhko, a 66-year-old woman from Cherkassy region began…

Emerging Heroes Awarded During the 18th Anniversary!

12 April 2012 Published in Active Citizenship
  In 2011 the church "Embassy of God" award was established by the "MAN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD", which will now each be awarded to people who have attained excellent results in various areas of public activity. On the 17th anniversary of the church's first ever award of the Embassy of God "Man of the Kingdom of God 2010-2011, "received the following active members of the church: Nomination "Rehabilitation centers and cities of refuge" Winner Sergey Kapitza The pastor, missionary, businessman. The head of the movement of asylum-ARC Crimea and Odessa area. Open seven rehabilitation centers (6 male, 1 -…

March in defense of family values took place in Ukraine!

28 March 2012 Published in Active Citizenship
It seems that the International Women's Day does not lose its political overtones. Despite the official weekend holiday dedicated to women on March 8th, the time when women can have a rest at home enjoying men’s attention and gifts, two bright march-rallies were held, one from feminists and one from the public in defense of family values in Ukraine. In fact, the march-rally in defense of family values in Ukraine that was held at St. Michael's Square was more like a flash mob. It appeared from nowhere, without even being advertised, yet it gathered about 700 active people. Despite the…

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