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Dear Friends!

Military operations which take place in the eastern Ukraine have caused mass displacement

of inhabitants from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. According to UN statistics, till August 20

the total number of migrants in Ukraine increased to 190 thousand people.

Due to the fact that there is no centralized system of registration of people – as it is

also known that many people from the East of the country are not registered for fear of

persecution, or because they simply don’t see any sense in it since the status of migrants does

not imply any specific assistance – the actual number of immigrants is much higher. This

fact brings the country to a great crisis. Now winter is coming and hundreds of thousands of

people are left homeless. Ukraine is on the brink of humanitarian disaster.

On the basis of the public organization "The Fair and Holy Nation", the head of which is

Andrew Lapenyuk, an initiative group "EAST-KIEV-HELP" has been founded to settle the

internally displaced people from the East of Ukraine. Our constant group, which consists

of 11 volunteers, has been working seven days a week from the morning until late at night

for 3 months. It helps refugees to arrange their accommodation and meal and promotes


Andrew Lapenyuk has directed all his resources to pay for the settlement of 220 people. For

instance in one object in Kiev he provides up to 100 IDPs. To see the full picture let's say

that there’s not any financial support from anyone. Only God and the people around him

know what it takes to feed so many people 2-3 times every day. At the moment there isn’t

any mechanism or national strategy to address this issue. Therefore, "The Fair and Holy

Nation" applied to various charities, businesses and enterprises, but no one answered. Only

the close environment and local residents of Kyiv and Kyiv region act in solidarity with his

initiative. They buy food and send clothing.

In this letter we appeal to the international community:

Please help us in our work with IDPs from the East of Ukraine. We need finances to assist.

First of all, we need to pay for electricity and heating of the place where people live. There

is an urgent need to buy two solid fuel boilers for heating; the cost is 150.000 UAH each. In

addition, due to limited financial resources, the diet of migrant children rarely includes meat

and dairy products. Also, we need double beds, mattresses, bedding, pillows and blankets,

warm clothes and shoes.

We ask for your assistance and support in our work to prevent a humanitarian disaster and to

restore Ukraine.

If you want to help IDPs you can make a donation to an account of our organization: Settl/

Acc. 26008053120054 or to a "Privatbank"-card 5168755356790168 Lyudmila Login.


the team of the NGO "The Fair and Holy Nation".

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