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With God's help at 44

10 February 2017 Published in Central Church
WITH GOD'S HELP AT 44 By Bose Adelaja   Dedicated to my 44th Birthday   As a person who believes in a higher being, a higher personality that is greater than all humans and all the systems sustaining life on earth; I share the opinion that mankind is here on earth to declare the praise of its Maker. It is here to please Him and live for His glory.   I also think that a great way to declare His praise is by celebrating one's birthday in a special way that points to God and honors Him, thereby declaring His…

My Thoughts and Gratitude on my 43rd Birthday!

11 February 2016 Published in Central Church
Looking back, I cannot help but thank the Lord almighty for His goodness and guidance; He has been faithful and the best words I have to express His greatness are understatements. I am lost for words, as I think and meditate on His wonderful deeds. I am already 43 years old! Hooray! I am very grateful to God once more, for all of these years. During this time, I went through various phases of life and acquired, to a certain extent, the ability to think more. I am grateful that my thoughts have become better, more positive, constructive, and edifying.…


13 August 2015 Published in Central Church
Marriages are special, and great marriages are even more special in this age of deteriorated family values. My husband, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, and I have been blessed with 21 years of marriage. We don’t take this for granted. We are very grateful to the Lord, whose hands have kept us together, against all odds. I must confess that not all the days in those years have been rosy (at least for me, a woman and the so called “weaker” vessel), but as a couple, we cannot deny that most of them have been great and blissful. We had more sunny…


12 August 2015 Published in Central Church
My husband, Pastor Sunday Adelaja and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this week. We are grateful for the matrimony we had have for twenty one years. We cherish the values we have created and the lessons we have learned while walking through life together and achieving the common goals we set before ourselves and the family. As I congratulate my husband on our anniversary, I am also happy to share some of these values with you. Every relationship takes work; every good relationship takes good, positive, and constructive work. We are still learning to make our marriage work, even…


09 August 2015 Published in Anointing Services
Dear friends, this month we will fasten our eyes on the principles that will enable us, citizens of this country to take a more active position in the revival of the new Ukraine. Let us look at a scripture when Paul worried about Israel, and he says that he is ready to sacrifice himself for the salvation of Israel.  “Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.” (Romans 10:1) God is not against the love to our country. This month is the Month of civic-mindedness in our church, the time when we…

LOVE By Kizito Leacock

09 August 2015 Published in Central Church
Love: A thing? A name? A person? A force? Are you worth knowing? Of course! Love the noun, God: has had its definition flawed Love the verb; is often kicked to the kerb Love the name; has been reduced to sex, Like a game. So can I really accurately define you? Can I know you as I am known by you? Well, I want you! The world needs you Truthfully, you are too deep for my rhetoric. Your depth is so great I can only echo it. I have heard you are patient Yet many deem this concept ancient You…

Family:behind-the-scenes. Anointing service.

09 August 2015 Published in Anointing Services
“Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.” 1 Corinthians 7:3, NKJV Family: behind-the-scenes- husbands and wives- men and women. This topic is always an interesting and important part of our lives. The answers to the questions: "How to be successful in choosing a future spouse? How to stay together and prevent divorce? How can we understand each other? How to serve each other and how to serve others together?" will help to save people from unnecessary tears, experiences and mistakes. Let us look closer at some of them, because the…

Will there be a miracle or not? (Anointing Service)

15 July 2015 Published in Anointing Services
You can often hear the following expressions: "I must be lucky," "Fate or luck will smile", "happiness knocks at my house," "Tomorrow will be better than yesterday," and many more. This is a complete wrong idea about life. A sign of a healthy personality is the realization of man, that he/she and only he/she is the master and creator of his/her own destiny. A healthy personality understands that to get a miracle, to reach any heights in life is possible only with the help of his/her mind and hard work. Any miracle can happen just by accident, without any reason,…

How to build a happy destiny through personal wholeness (Anointing service)

15 July 2015 Published in Anointing Services
But godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Timothy 6:6) Discontent:  one of the iniquities of human hearts. This dissatisfaction with life and one’s position poisons the human heart, pushing for a crime and concealed envy. Dissatisfaction turns a compassionate person into an envious one, a regular citizen into a criminal, and a friend into a secret competitor. The root of discontent is the lack of harmony within a person, the absence of wholeness. What is wholeness?It is the totality of the little that a person needs for a state of peace, harmony with oneself, with the world and the…

“The Law of Differences Opens Opportunities” Anointing Service

10 March 2015 Published in Anointing Services
Year 2015 has been announced to be the year of God’s supernatural opportunities. However, opportunities do not fall from heaven like manna. They come through difficult circumstances; a grateful heart also leads to many opportunities. As we saw in the last anointing service, the books of University of Life bring limitless opportunities to solve one’s own problems and problems of other people while we spread the Kingdom of God. Today I would like to show you a new way to open doors, have divine meetings, get creative ideas and unexpected chances, produce fabulous findings and discoveries and it is –…

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