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Thanks to Pastor Sunday for his contribution to my life

15 February 2015 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday! Soon, it will be 10 years since I came to the "Embassy of God" church.  I just came to see it, but eventually remained in the church. I am also celebrating my 10th anniversary, this is only half of the 20th anniversary of our church. I am very grateful to you for opening the church in Ukraine and I am honored to serve in this church. Today, thanks to the fact that you teach and raise the level of the leaders in your home groups, I have changed. Of course, I'm not perfect, but you showed me…

I am alive because God through Pastor Sunday changed my life 100% for the better

15 February 2015 Published in From a grateful heart
At a time I attended different churches in the city of Vasilkov, because I was born there. I was in four churches, I listened to sermons and testimonies there. I personally knew the pastors of these churches, but only one pastor in my life could change my life – that is pastor Sunday. I began to investigate the activities of this pastor and his personality. I watched him to see whether his actions correspond to his words. My research surprised me very much. Pastor Sunday is not a showman, everything he says, he does in his life. When I came…

Oksana Polevaya: Thanks to you, I am changing and going forward

04 February 2015 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday,   I want to thank you for your part in my life, for change and growth, thanks for your teachings, retreats, leader schools, home group and your attention to me. I try to change and everything changes around me.   Thank you, Pastor Sunday, for each correction.   Thank you that you accept me and let me stay close to you and learn from you. You teach me to love and forgive when insulted; to move forward and never give up when everything is against me. Thank you for giving me chance to change and move forward.   Vice Chairman of the Charity Organization  "Source of hope and…

Thank you, Pastor, that you once decided to follow Christ!

04 February 2015 Published in From a grateful heart
I am very grateful to you that once you decided to follow Jesus Christ. I am very thankful because despite all the difficulties that you had to face on your way you proceeded in your calling. Thanks to you, I met God, I began to live with Him and fulfill God's plan for my life. My eyes are opened. Thank you for teaching me to be a son and a high quality Christian (a 5-star Christian). Thank you for everything! With deep reverence, Sergey  

You’re like a "charger"

25 September 2014 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday!  Thank you so much for the retreat! Thank you for the seed sown in me and my life. At the retreat I really learned a lot. I was particularly touched by the topic about "Fatherhood." My soul “exploded”, I couldn’t keep in my tears! I saw how a real father and man should be. Upon my arrivial at home, I thought about it a lot, again with tears in my eyes. I wanted to come back to your house because during the retreat, I felt calm and secure! I really appreciate the time spent with you and…

Revolution in my life

02 September 2014 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday! I want to thank you for thelatestSummer fastthat youconducted in July/August, 2014.I believe that no one remained the same after this fast. You opened our spiritual eyes and ears like a professional doctorwould. It was a revolution in my life. Thank you so much.The Bible says that whenmanknowsthe truth,he becomes free. With this factI got freedom. I am now free from deception. I didn’t even think that I had it in me and that I may not get into heaven because of it. Pastor, thank you thatyouarelike ascalpelin the hands of God, that cut out this plague…

Thank you for your retreat about raising children

13 August 2014 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday!  I thank God for you and your family! Thank you for taking the responsibility before God for our country Ukraine. Thank you  for your progressive contributions to the country’s educational system!   In 2010, I gave birth to my daughter. The older she became, the more questions I had as a mother and in raising her up in general. At the retreat for parents on child training, I saw how many mistakes I have made ​​in raising my daughter. And most importantly is that I also found out how to fix them all! This teaching has simply changed…

We will see the prosperity of the country

13 August 2014 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday!  From my heart I thank you for your ministry to the people. You don’t only teach us, but you are an example of a true Christian. Through you, we hear the call of wisdom that makes us successful in the family, the church, at work, in society. This is a huge blessing for us.  We’re grateful for raising God's faith in us. Thanks to your sound doctrine on tithes and offerings, we will see the prosperity of our country. How I wish that all those, who live in Ukraine will understand, as fast as possible, that it…

Thank you for your leadership school No 7

13 August 2014 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear Pastor Sunday,  I want to thank you for your leadership school No 7. It completely changed my attitude towards Christianity. All the topics you raised are about me. With your help I realized that all this while I have been living wrongly and didn’t even notice it. I was raised as a spoilt child, I did bad academically in school and I got away with it. The main goals of my parents, as you said, were that I got fed and clothed. My mother didn’t prepare me for an independent life; she did almost everything for me. My parents…

People Whom You Have Raised Up, Speak Louder Than Any Words

03 October 2013 Published in From a grateful heart
Dear and beloved Pastor Sunday! With all my heart I want to thank you for your service and contribution to my life. I am very blessed with the Word I have heard during the Summer fasting. I analyzed myself more and more as I heard that teaching and realized my mistakes. A lot of things became clear for me about my life and about my church, as I have something I can reference personally. For example, in our church, we do not discuss such topics, and I get scared: so many Christians do not know they do not live according…

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