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I am alive because God through Pastor Sunday changed my life 100% for the better

At a time I attended different churches in the city of Vasilkov, because I was born there. I was in four churches, I listened to sermons and testimonies there. I personally knew the pastors of these churches, but only one pastor in my life could change my life – that is pastor Sunday. I began to investigate the activities of this pastor and his personality. I watched him to see whether his actions correspond to his words. My research surprised me very much. Pastor Sunday is not a showman, everything he says, he does in his life.

When I came to the "Embassy of God" church, I was freed from low self-esteem, and found peace with God. I began to take responsibility for my own and other people's lives. I realized my importance in the world, understood the meaning of life, realized my calling and so on.

Pastor Sunday is a reformer, a man who does not just speak, but does what he says and live by it. Sometimes I wonder how a man can sacrifice himself to people.

There is another detail that I would like to share. Many people are ungrateful to pastor, and others surprise me even more; they hurt Pastor Sunday with their negative deeds. Though they try to humiliate him, but they end up humiliating themselves.

Who is pastor Sunday, and how did he affect my life? It's very simple: I am alive because God through the pastor changed my life 100% for the better. Pastor Sunday is, personally for me, my father, because my own father did not do for me even half of what pastor did for me. And if you've been reading the newspapers today and think about him the way the media portrays him, to you I would say that it is better to see everything with  your own eyes than to believe the lie that is spreading like a snowball. Pastor Sunday is a great reformer of human souls, and his style of teaching is at the same level of the professors of the most renowned institutions in the world.

For me, the church, "Embassy of God" is a God’s phenomenon. Pastor Sunday is a father and a genius of our time.

Maxim Grigorchuk


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