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Rehabilitation center "Path to Freedom" in Kassel celebrated its 8th anniversary

02 September 2014 Published in International Influence
The solemn celebration of the 8th anniversary of the rehabilitation center "Path to Freedom" in Kassel, Germany took place on July 19, 2014. It was a great celebration done together with a full-scale campaign. The campaign started with a March of Life. All the rehabilitants and many other guests from different cities in Germany formed a column and marched with banners around the city. The column was led by the founder of the rehabilitation center and the author of the rehabilitation program, Pastor Natalia Potopayeva. The guests of honor at the event were Pastor Olutope Omotoye and his wife –…

Manifestation of SONS

28 July 2014 Published in International Influence
Dear History Makers, Greetings in the name of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ! After several months of planning and preparations, I am very excited to announce that we will be holding/hosting the very first global gathering of the History Maker's Movement under the leadership of Pastor Sunday Adelaja in the United States from August 20 - 24, 2014. PURPOSE: Since 2008, after the launch of ChurchShift in Atlanta; a great need for an ongoing platform where those within our global network and other kingdom minded-leaders can converge for further education, encouragement and empowerment was birthed – especially for the…

Social Organizations and how to set them up? By Pastor Andriy Kuksenko

17 June 2013 Published in International Influence
Summary …be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16 …for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. Luke 16:8 The church and Christians usually present the Gospel in a direct way as a result of which only about 1 out of 10 people will be open to the Gospel, whereas 9 out ten 10 people will refuse it. Only people, for instance drug addicts and alcoholics, who have been battered and bruised in their lives are in a state of brokenness where they are willingto accept the Gospel.…

Kassel, with its new Conference Format!

15 February 2013 Published in International Influence
A Father-Son Relationship conference hosted by the European Success Center, took place on 1st-2nd December 2012. Pastor Natalia Potopaeva who was coordinating the conference brought with her honourable guests: Pastors Roman and Anna Trokhin, Pastor Tope. The main speaker was Pastor Sunday Adelaja, more precisely his teaching about a Father–Son Relationship. The conference took a totally different format (from the previous ones) with the aim of making it more educative; more dialogues and active discussions between speakers and participants were incorporated. Conference participants shared their life experiences, pointing out mistakes of their past. This exercise enabled them to be able…

The History Makers Experience. Nkrumah Mauncho

11 January 2013 Published in International Influence
The decision to go to HMT was one that was filled with anticipation and anxiety. Having listened to Pastor Sunday’s messages for the past 4 years it had become clear to me that he was a man that was not only passionate but zealous for God. If this was the man that I was going to be tutored by then I had to mentally prepare myself to be my best. Before attending HMT I talked to previous HMT graduates (Ps. Derek Schneider, Fezile Mauncho) and they expressed to me that the environment you are going to will not permit you…

Histor Makers Training for Men. Pastor Leonard Uwiringiyimana

25 December 2012 Published in International Influence
I just came back from Kiev, Ukraine where I was attending the History Makers Training (HMT) for Men with Pastor Sunday Adelaja. What I discovered about the nature and the identity of a real man is staggering and mind-boggling! The lack of real men and, therefore, the understanding of what a real man is, are the greatest crisis of our time. As a matter of fact, every other crisis in society, - such as war, poverty, famine, endemic diseases, crime, prostitution, substance abuses, family and moral break-down, violence, social unrest, etc. - sooner or later can be traced back to…

History Makers' Training. Lyborn Mashava

17 December 2012 Published in International Influence
My impressions of the HMT Stage 1 training with Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Pastor Sunday: The remarkable love and humility of Pastor Sunday was the greatest experience I've ever experienced from a Servant of God. Given all his achievements and global acclaim, it was like a dream to have him makes time to sit with us daily and share life and ministry experience with sincerity from the depth of his heart. I believe the body of Christ can learn a lot from him in the area of discipleship – a subject which has almost been forgotten in the modern church. His…

History Makers Training. Yves Niyikiza

11 December 2012 Published in International Influence
  Over the course of my life, there have been occasions, people and experiences that have changed me drastically in a short period of time.  The History Maker Training  I attended in November of 2012 in Ukraine is one of those transformative experiences... and yet like no other I have had in my life.  Over the course of my flight from the United States to Ukraine, I found myself contemplating the 30 years of my life and how little I had achieved.  There were so many failures and missed opportunities that amounted to disappointment and regret.     Over course of…

History Makers Training. Cherrelle Moser

03 December 2012 Published in International Influence
  It almost seems as if I am doing a disservice by trying to capture the fullness of the experience of HMT into mere words but I will do my best. Every expectation that I had for this training was exceedingly met. Having gone through the training in Atlanta, GA, I knew was familiar with the course material so what I really needed was to see the practical application of all that was being taught. Not only was I able to see the organizations and businesses that were birthed from these teachings, but I got to see what it looks…

HMT for MEN. Rodion Kuznetsov: “I understood the essence of fatherhood”

10 September 2012 Published in International Influence
HMT for MEN with Pastor Sunday   Good day, dear friends! During the 24th-28th njn  February I was a participant in an unforgettable event in my life – HMT for MEN with Pastor Sunday Adelaja. From the very beginning of this training I had to part with all my concepts of “being a man” that I had at the time! Everything I thought about being a man and myself as a representative of the stronger half of humanity, did not correspond even a bit with the way God sees men and the way He sees me as one of them.In…

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