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Join the Embassy of God for the Summer Fast on July 27 - Aug 1, 2015

15 July 2015 Published in Mass Media
Have you really ever thought about eternity? Do you have any fears or doubts about where you would spend eternity? Have you ever carried out a study of the word of God on eternity, and compared your revelations with other different opinions?  Have you ever made a plan on how to get to heaven? Have you any unanswered questions about eternity? IF ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS EXPRESS YOUR CONCERNS ON ETERNITY, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO JOIN US AT THIS YEAR'S SUMMER FAST, WHERE PASTOR SUNDAY ADELAJA WILL BE GIVING DEFINITE ANSWERS TO THOSE QUESTIONS AND LOTS MORE. REGISTER Have you got any questions? Send us a message on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We…


26 January 2014 Published in Mass Media
Dear Friends! I want to use this opportunity to thank all our friends all over the world who were praying for Ukraine.  We want to use this opportunity to let you know that we are fine, the demonstrations and the crisis is not affecting us much.  We only want to ask you to keep on praying for the Ukraine and to specifically pray that this situation will be used by God to put an end to the false lawsuits against me and our ministry.  Thanks so much for your ongoing support and concerns! God bless! Pastor Sunday Adelaja  

Interview with Pastor Sunday Adelaja on Russian Radio 7 (U.S.) - Part 3

15 November 2012 Published in Mass Media
Anchorman. Another tricky question people ask, referring to information on the Internet: Do you have accounts and real estate in the U.S.? Give your comments, please. Sunday Adelaja. Yes, I have an account in the U.S. A credit card, because at one time I could not use my Ukrainian one. Every time I visited countries around the world, I had problems with the Ukrainian card: I would have to make a telephone call, do verification and checks, etc. So I opened an account in the U.S. Anyone can do it. Today it has only a couple of thousand U.S. dollars.…

Interview with Pastor Sunday Adelaja on Russian Radio 7 (U.S.) - Part 2

12 October 2012 Published in Mass Media
Anchorman: Many English-speaking western sources report on your your situation in Ukraine, and that you have become subject to racial and political discrimination and persecution. There seems to be a clearly emphasized idea of your active participation in the presidential election, in favor of Victor Yushchenko and in the Orange Revolution. As a matter of fact I was also there in those years and I was able to observe the situation from the inside. Do you believe that your participation in the Orange Revolution has in some way provoked the events that are happening to you? By this I mean…

Ex-mayor of Kiev is very grateful to Sunday Adelaja for everything

30 August 2012 Published in Mass Media
The former mayor of the city of Kiev told the "Today" newspaper in an exclusive interview of his connection with Pastor Adelaja and shared about his charity work.   Leonid Chernovetsky stated that he personally allocates $ 1 million for charity. "Today" asked the former Kiev mayor what made him decide to help the homeless in the first place.   "When my family and I were dealing with a very difficult time, I went to pastor Sunday’s church. There I saw hundreds of people with huge financial problems, former alcoholics, drug addicts, and homeless people. I was immediately distracted from…

Attorney Andrey Fedur: Adelaja has been prosecuted not for a crime, but for having the great religious community

17 April 2012 Published in Mass Media
Today (April 9, 2012) in the Dnieper district court in Kiev another hearing was held on the case of fraud by the financial group "King's Capital." One of the suspected persons in this process is the pastor of the Embassy of God church Sunday Adelaja. An Independent News Bureau correspondent succeeded in talking to Andrey Fedur, a lawyer defending the pastor. In an exclusive interview, he spoke about the background and details of this criminal case, and also shared his opinion on a number of important issues related to the social and political life of Ukraine. Part Three. Church and…

Ukraine’s Embassy of God Evangelical Church Struggles With Founder’s Controversy

17 February 2012 Published in Mass Media
As you read the article, please pause for a minute to pray for the end of the persistent persecution that Pastor Sunday and the church are constantly undergoing.   God bless. Yours in Him, Administration of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations When it comes to going to church, Ukraine is mostly Orthodox Christian, but Protestant churches are gaining a foot-hold there. One of the biggest now is the evangelical Embassy of God, based in the capital Kiev. The church’s founder, Sunday Adelaja, originally hails from Nigeria and he represents an unusual success for Africans…

Miroslava Pshichenko:" Pastor Sunday’s family made a huge impact in my life and I sincerely appreciate it!"

28 January 2012 Published in Mass Media
My baby girl is joyfully laughing with her daddy, my lovely husband. My heart is full of delight and warmth from realizing how the Lord blessed me with my wonderful life in Dallas, TX in USA. Ten years ago I would never have imagined this as well as a ministry and the opportunity of meeting Pastor Sunday Adelaja. In 2002, I moved from a small city in Eastern Ukraine where you could pretty much bump into someone you knew every day, to the busy capital of Ukraine where at that time, approximately 6 million people lived. As for me, a…

Pastor Sunday Adelaja - From nothing to founder of one of the largest churches in Europe

20 December 2011 Published in Mass Media
A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. (Proverbs 18:16).It is one thing to recognize recognize the gifts you have when you come to this earth, and another thing to invite the Lord to bring about their full manifestation in your lifetime. Some people are fortunate to catch on with the revelation early in life. For others it is in mid-life or in old age. Many have gone to their graves without discovering or running effectively with what they were called to do. Nigerian-born Pastor Sunday Adelaja found his purpose very early in life and…

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