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Make for yourself a perfect world. Part 5 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

12. THE FUNCTION OF THE SUBCONSCIOUSNESS IS BELIEVING THE INFORMATION WHICH IS CONSTANTLY REPEATED The mind of man has a unique feature – to believe all the information that is repeated many times, even if it is not true. For example, watching an advertisement, people start to believe what they heard and use certain advertised products. This reaction occurs at a subconscious level. 13. EVERYTHING WE TRUST BECOMES OUR REALITY Our subconscious mind is able to accept the reality that surrounds us. Therefore, we must resist the negative reality around us and engage in constant self-education. 14.  DO NOT PERCEIVE…

Make for yourself a perfect world. Part 4 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

7. YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS HELPS YOU REPLAY NECESSARY REALITY During the day, we constantly replay some pictures of past events or experiences. It affects our health, happiness, character formation. But this process should not be started up by chance, but must be managed by the man himself. Consciousness is given to man; he must become its master. OUR WORLD FORMS THE REALITY TO WHICH WE CONSTANTLY RETURN Our reality consists of: 1) those pictures that we constantly "replay" in our mind; 2) cases and situations to which we constantly look back. Our world is a collection of the pictures we constantly…

Make for yourself a perfect world. Part 3 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

3. OUR CONSCIOUSNESS WAS CREATED BY GOD SO THAT WE COULD "TRACK" OUR OLD EXPERIENCE Many people do not choose the topics on which they will reflect, but automatically allow the mind to spontaneously select thinking on certain information. In this case, the mind yields to the influence of the subconsciousness, and the person can no longer control his negative thoughts. To prevent this, we must always remain in the active mind and start asking questions. The process of thinking should not be started up by chance, it must be subordinate to the main values ​​and goals of life. SUBORDINATING…

Make for yourself a perfect world. Part 2 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

CREATE YOUR WORLD    We have to live in a world in which there is no hatred, rejection, negative. We should create the "world" in which we want to live, because it all depends on our consciousness and the ability to build our mind. We can create a world of forgiveness or grievances, hopes and disappointments. We decide what our focus will be; we define our own reality ourselves.    1. OUR REALITY IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO, BUT WHAT OUR FOCUS IS   For example, someone in the room of the new building of the church can get stuck with the heat problem and…

Make for yourself a perfect world. Part 1 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

Consciousness and subconsciousness   The human brain consists of two areas - the conscious part and subconscious part.  For this context it is necessary to know the following:    - The consciousness part is responsible for the decision-making process    - The subconscious part is looking for ways to achieve, implement them, i.e., one part of the brain ‘says’ what problem needs to be solved, and the other thinks about how it should be performed.    The first part is the will (active consciousness).    The second is the titanic of resources (subconsciousness).    OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE LIMIT OF OUR WORLD …

To be born physically does not mean to become a personality. Part 3 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

LEVEL 2 - DIRECT EXPERIENCE.   A person who is at this level of consciousness is capable of;   - Retelling what happened to him in his life    -  experience something particular.    - Remembering the feelings which he had when he saw or felt something.   - Learning a certain amount of information and telling it to others, passing an exam or test.   At the second level of consciousness - the person does not only react on instincts, but he fully lives his life. Such people do everything because they NEED TO DO IT. For example if he needs to…

To be born physically does not mean to become a personality. Part 2 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH   We can often see the «spiritual people» in church who always do everything right, but they do not bring any fruit for God and society. God gave a Soul to a man in order him to be useful and to be fully operational for other people. Therefore, the soul is the most important for our life and not spirit and body.   WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO WORK ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUL?    When a person prays and fasts a lot, but he does not work on the development of his soul (mind, intellect, emotions, will),…

To be born physically does not mean to become a personality. Part 1 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

TO BE BORN PHYSICALLY - DOES NOT MEAN TO BECOME A PERSONALITY (Quotes of Pastor Sunday Adelaja's preaching)    TESTIMONY OF PASTOR LESYA OLEKSYUK    Dear Pastor Sunday,   Thank you so much for the summer fast and in particular for the topics of the fast.  It was so wonderful!!!! If a person does not know himself, and is not able to  control himself, he will never be able to understand what he wants from himself and from his life generally. Thank you very much for your books. You publish them so quickly that I can hardly remember the titles. You have changed…


“Hmmm… but still, why die so young?” Such a sigh of despair is but commonplace in almost every family, especially amongst devout families of Christians worldwide. Early death and sorrow among young people far from their prime has become a dilemma to the age-long doctrine of Christian faith. We have a tradition in Christendom of believing that people must not die young; at least if they are good people, but life’s realities force us to sometimes reexamine ourselves. I am writing this article as a covenant brother and friend to Dr. Myles Munroe to give some explanations and clear the…

You are a man as much as you are conscious. Part 3 Pastor Sunday Adelaja Summer Fast 2014

MAN AND LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS The behavior of a person is different at each level of consciousness. If a person who is on the level of instincts (1 level), is complemented, he becomes happy, and if he is corrected he starts to feel sad or even cries. If you frighten a person who lives on the level of instincts, he will become afraid. Also, such a person is afraid to speak in public, because he depends on people's opinion. “Then Moses said to the Lord, “O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to…

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