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The Faith of Christians Must Not Be Blind

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’ Luke 14:28-30   If these words, which are mentioned in the quote above, were used by preachers; we would say that he is wrong. However, Jesus – the Author of our faith, says it, therefore we need to understand the meaning of this…


This book unravels the mystery of how a person can live in victory over the sins of fornication and adultery. It outlines a strategy for victory over these sins and equips the reader with the knowledge of the truth that is able to bring him into genuine freedom. AUTHOR’S PREFACE I want us all to rejoice together that this book, that I have been preparing and meditating over for the last eight years, not just intellectually, but also spiritually, has been published. I think that both the world and the church have been waiting for a long time for a…


Understanding the truth about temptations is one of the things the devil is trying to keep from any person. Temptation is the gateway through the devil gains entrance into our lives. Not knowing how to respond when the devil attacks often causes people to become prey into his plots and ultimately leads to falling, but when one will know how to withstand his temptations they will most likely escape being trapped. Temptations are the doors by which the devil enters into our life. Temptations will always be there, we cannot just escape such, no one is immune. However, the problem…


How can a person get wisdom? Who can we say is a wise person? How can we get to know the mysteries of the wisdom of God that are so necessary for every one of us? May the teaching presented in this book become a personal revelation to everyone that reads it. Receive everything written in it as a practical guide to action, and as a result, you will see a change in your life. Author’s note Bookshops don’t often offer books on this subject, and though wisdom is so important and utterly essential for every one of us in…

Holding Fast to the Profession of our Faith by Sunday Adelaja

Hope is a firm expectation, which makes you have confidence in someone or something. This means that the synonym of hope is trust or confidence. Faith on the other hand is a firm conviction in the accomplishment of something; the confidence that one’s expectation will be met or fulfilled soon. Do the meanings of these words concur? Can we substitute faith for hope and vice-versa? Can we say that faith is the same thing as hope? The answer is No. Faith is a definite truth; something we believe is happening or will happen soon while hope is an expectation of…


This book is a study guide on God’s views on money, success and prosperity. It reveals God’s truths about how to grow wealthy and at the same time remain happy. Foreword The 21st century is the time when God is doing a new thing on the earth. It is a time of new information and revelations. It is the time when God will truly show the difference between those who serve Him and those who serve the traditions of this world. In the third millennium, God will give His children such knowledge that will elevate them higher than the people…

The Happiness of Man/Woman by Bose & Sunday Adelaja

The principles of a happy life, written in this book, will help every man to change his life and make it truly happy. Foreword   “He is a truly happy man.” Have you heard that before? We should wonder, “What is a truly happy man really like? What is the essence of real happiness and joy? How can we get it?”, and “Is it even available to every man?” I think every man has asked himself similar questions at least once in his life. Despite this, however, only a few men can say, with assurance, that they are truly happy. What…

The Happiness of Man/Woman Sunday & Bose Adelajа

This book reveals how a woman can have total happiness in life. The happiness of a woman 1 Understanding happiness Happiness is relative Every person on earth has his own understanding of happiness. This is certainly true for women. There are as many definitions of happiness, as the number of women in this world. Every woman has her own version of happiness. Happiness is relative. What one person likes may not necessarily impress another person. What excites one person may mean nothing at all to another person. However, we need to understand that every person was created for happiness and…

Money Won't Make You Rich: God's Principles for True Wealth, Prosperity, and Success

A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR   CONGRATULATIONS, DEAR FRIEND, FOR EVEN PICKING UP THIS BOOK. Get ready, because your life is about to be drastically transformed!   This book might become one of the major adventures of your life. Money Won’t Make You Rich is one man’s journey of poverty, struggles, studies, money, wealth, and wealth creation principles. This book will surely not leave you where it found you.   You’re about to be mightily enriched and empowered!   I came from true abject poverty in Africa. I didn’t even have a pair of shoes to wear until I was…

VICTORIOUS DESPITE THE DEVIL A Successful Christian Living in Spite of All Odds

The path from salvation to a successful Christian life (our promised land) is filled with spiritual battles and wilderness disillusionments. If we endure and overcome all these, then we can boldly say we have become more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, for the promises the Lord has given to us His Word will have come true in the natural realm. God gave Abraham the Promised Land, but his descendants had to fight to possess it. So must we. It will take all our efforts to possess this Promised Land. Like Joshua, we may have to fight to take things that…

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