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The Happiness of Man/Woman Sunday & Bose Adelajа

This book reveals how a woman can have total happiness in life. The happiness of a woman 1 Understanding happiness Happiness is relative Every person on earth has his own understanding of happiness. This is certainly true for women. There are as many definitions of happiness, as the number of women in this world. Every woman has her own version of happiness. Happiness is relative. What one person likes may not necessarily impress another person. What excites one person may mean nothing at all to another person. However, we need to understand that every person was created for happiness and…

Money Won't Make You Rich: God's Principles for True Wealth, Prosperity, and Success

A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR   CONGRATULATIONS, DEAR FRIEND, FOR EVEN PICKING UP THIS BOOK. Get ready, because your life is about to be drastically transformed!   This book might become one of the major adventures of your life. Money Won’t Make You Rich is one man’s journey of poverty, struggles, studies, money, wealth, and wealth creation principles. This book will surely not leave you where it found you.   You’re about to be mightily enriched and empowered!   I came from true abject poverty in Africa. I didn’t even have a pair of shoes to wear until I was…

VICTORIOUS DESPITE THE DEVIL A Successful Christian Living in Spite of All Odds

The path from salvation to a successful Christian life (our promised land) is filled with spiritual battles and wilderness disillusionments. If we endure and overcome all these, then we can boldly say we have become more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, for the promises the Lord has given to us His Word will have come true in the natural realm. God gave Abraham the Promised Land, but his descendants had to fight to possess it. So must we. It will take all our efforts to possess this Promised Land. Like Joshua, we may have to fight to take things that…


How do you build a successful family? Is it possible to be happy in marriage? What does it mean to be a godly spouse? What is a family budget? You'll find answers to these questions and many more in this book, which is one of the best-sellers in the Russian speaking world. It has been translated to English language upon numerous requests of people, who desire to learn the secrets of Pastor Sunday's happy family.   Author’s note In our modern world, an average person is faced with so many challenges that make far from enjoyable, and sometimes more like…


In the life of every man, there is a time of wilderness. What is wilderness? What needs to be done in the wilderness? How do you come out of it a victor? The answers to these and other important life questions will be found in the pages of this book. You would learn to look at everything with the eyes of faith, and you will learn to love looking into the future constantly. FROM THE AUTHOR In the life of every believer, there are periods of trials and temptations. But the grace of God helps us to overcome. It is…


Is it a possible to be a minister without tears and sorrow? You need the experience of the man God has used to build the largest church in Europe in a period of 8 years. From 7 people in 1994, The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations had grown to 20,000 people in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine alone by the year 2002. The church, at the same time, had planted over 300 churches in over 15 countries of the world. Yet, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the Senior Pastor of Embassy of God says, «It is all…

How to hear the voice of GOD

While you pray and ask God for things, you want to hear His answers. God gives answers to your prayers, but you do not always hear these answers. How then, can one hear the voice of God? This book will show you how. FROM THE AUTHOR I decided to write this book because I find that many believers find it difficult to hear the voice of God. Often, I am asked, how it is possible to hear the voice of God and how one may know when it is God speaking, when we ourselves or indeed the devil speaks. This…


A child is a fruit brought forth by its mother. Indeed, each of us is a fruit that contains a seed after its kind. For instance, an apple seed planted in the ground will produce an apple tree; it will yield a lot of fruit in harvest. The same was true with the seed that God planted into Adam, from whom the entire world population have come. And the earth brought forth grass and herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind: and God saw that it was good.…

Heavenly Atmosphere In The Family

God regards marriage as a union of two hearts that long to be one. However, they will definitely encounter numerous obstacles on their way to unity. Understanding the golden rules of a happy family life will enable both those that are about to get married and those who are married to create a heavenly atmosphere in their family for many years to come. Author’s NOTE This book focuses on Intimacy in Marriage and explains the details of intimacy between a man and a woman. However, there are many other aspects in an intimate relationship which are examined, without which a…

The Fate of the Fig Tree

Many of you know the parable of the fig tree. I want to draw your attention to its fate. Let us have a look at what the Word of God is telling us here. Now in the morning, as He returned to the city, He was hungry. And seeing a fig tree by the road, He came to it and found nothing on it but leaves, and said to it, "Let no fruit grow on you ever again." Immediately the fig tree withered away. And when the disciples saw it, they marveled, saying, "How did the fig tree wither away…

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