Update on the court situation with Pastor Sunday

17 January 2012 Published in THE TRUTH
Dear friends, The court proceedings have been going on steadily since September 2011 and finally they have started reading the charges. It has also now become clear why Pastor Sunday Adelaja is being charged with criminal offence - the prosecutors are basing their arguments on three points: 1.    They believe that the Embassy of God Church is a cult and a sect and that Pastor Sunday is the cult or sect leader. They believe that members of the church place him on the same level with God, Jesus and the Bible and that anything he says is like a law…

Overview of what has been going on with the Embassy of God in Kiev and its Senior Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

07 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
Below is an overview of what has been going on with the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev and its Senior Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Sunday Adelaja left his native Nigeria from a forty-hut village in 1986 to the then Soviet Union, where he was recruited to be sent back to Africa as a socialist revolutionary. But instead Sunday Adelaja soon became the biggest Evangelical influence in all of Europe. In 1993, he relocated to the Ukraine to work as a journalist. This was following the completion of his masters’ degree in Journalism, which he…

Urgent Letter To All Friends!

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
Dear friends, Greetings from Kyiv, Ukraine!   It has now been over three years since the false allegations involving “Kings Capital”, the Financial and Investment Company, were first leveled against Pastor Sunday. Since then a lot has transpired. The key players involved in bringing these allegations against Pastor Sunday i.e. the former Minister of internal affairs, Yuriy Lutsenko and former Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko to be precise are now in jail. We know their actions were politically motivated and unfortunately, they are now being prosecuted on the exact same grounds that they originally leveled against Pastor Sunday.

Brilliant victory: Pastor Sunday Adelaja became the "face" of Kiev!

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
Published 21.05.2009  This week the weekly magazine "Afisha" has published results of an internet public opinion poll "Faces of Kiev" dedicated to celebration of the Day of Kiev ( This is such a splendid victory and as a result 45% of all votes were given for the Pastor of the Embassy of God church –Sunday Adelaja. "From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone who has made their choice voting for me. In spite of the political populism and confrontation from the side of ill-wishers voting has defined not politicians’ choice, but the choice of Kiev…

Most influential expats: Sunday Adelaja

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
By Mark Rachkevych, Graham Stack and John Marone Source, Kyiv Post newspaper The Kyiv Post is Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper. The paper covers politics, business and entertainment. The staff is a team of Western and Ukrainian journalists. Historically, the editorial policy has supported democracy and free markets. Sunday Adelaja, 43 #16 Most Influential Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the exuberant Nigerian who founded and heads the evangelical Embassy of God in Kyiv, has a knack for drawing a crowd -- and controversy. He launched his religious career shortly after arriving in Ukraine in 1993 and his church now boasts 2.5 million members,…

The Unlikely Ambassador

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
Sunday, 30 September 2007   Just a few years ago a young Nigerian immigrant planted a church in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine. Today Sunday Adelaja’s Embassy of God is the largest church in Europe. Beautifully sculptured cathedrals dot the landscape of Kiev, Ukraine, reminding visitors that this Eastern European nation has been a hub of Orthodox Christianity for centuries. But these days the largest church in Ukraine is an independent charismatic congregation that meets in a dilapidated warehouse on the east bank of the Dnieper River. Inside Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, also…

Pastor Speaks at the United Nations

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
Ukraine-based pastor recently spoke at the United Nations, discussing how churches can become part of the solution for global problems such as poverty, health and conflict.   Ukraine-based pastor Sunday Adelaja spoke at the United Nations Aug. 23, discussing how churches can become part of the solution for global problems such as poverty, health and conflict. Speaking twice, including during an open meeting attended by ministers in New York, Adelaja told delegates that Christians have the potential to transform society. “The values that Jesus brought should not be limited to the four walls of the church,” Adelaja told Charisma. “These…

A War for Souls

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
Russia: Recent elections and ongoing restrictions only point to the deeper conflict tearing at Russian life | Jill Nelson Russia's departing president, Vladimir Putin, has been hailed as a shaping influence of the 21st century. He rebuilt Russia's collapsed economy—paving the way for the rise of the planet's largest country back to world power status—and was rewarded by his order-starved constituents with 70 percent approval ratings. His no-nonsense demeanor and ability to bring order out of chaos has undoubtedly been good for the Russian economy. But it has come at a price. The Putin era has been marred with freedom-squelching…

RUSSIA: Charismatics targeted as would-be Orange Revolutionaries?

06 September 2011 Published in THE TRUTH
By Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service In the run-up to Russia's 2 March presidential election, a Ukrainian-based church involved in that country's 2004 "Orange Revolution" has twice been the object of hostile attention by the  Russian authorities, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. The Ukrainian founder of the Embassy of God's Moscow community was turned back from the Russian capital's Sheremetyevo  Airport on 3 February. Pastor Aleksandyr Dzyuba believes he was barred for religious reasons. "For a long time Russia has been afraid of the Orange Revolution, and they connect me with it  because I am a pastor of…

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