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"A shift must occur. Before we can rule in our promised land, we must be ruled by the kingdom. The Bible calls this being ’transformed by the renewing of your mind’ (Romans 12:2)." - Sunday Adelaja, ChurchShift

In just twelve years, Sunday Adelaja built the largest evangelical church in Europe, a cross-cultural ministry with more than two million converts and 600 church plants worldwide. The Nigerian’s self-taught and revolutionary methods of church ministry have made a dramatic impact on politics and culture in post-Christian Europe.

ChurchShift, based on his true story, gives you the keys to revolutionize your own life, faith, church, and community. Your view of God, your life, and your ministry will change as you discover how to:

• Believe Christ for supernatural growth in your life and ministries;

• Activate and ignite the potential of your local church;

• Transform your neighborhood, your city, and your nation by imposing kingdom principles on the culture around you.

The Wall Street Journal calls him "a man with a mission!" Ukraine President Victor Yushenko states, "It was you who protected democracy in Ukraine." Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy said, "Through Pastor Sunday’s endeavors, we have become a bold and fearless people." The Associated Press wrote, "The Embassy of God has ballooned... into this ex-Soviet republic’s first true megachurch." The British Broadcasting Corporation reports, "Nothing like the Embassy of God has ever been seen before!"

Let this book inspire you to get busy with God’s assignment for your life and ministry and enter His promised land for you!

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In November, 2006, I wedged myself between the armrests of an airline seat and settled in for the long flight back to Kiev from one of my numerous trips overseas. Without much room to maneuver, I just leaned my head back to pray. My prayers soon turned into meditations about where I’d just been, where I was going, and the overall state of the Church worldwide. Suddenly, an image of the globe came to my mind. I could sense the burden God has for His Church to be reformed in order to be capable of gathering in the last harvest.

From that vision, I came to understand that God is not satisfied with the state of the modern Church. Most leaders I’ve met worldwide would agree that we collectively have a great deal of work left to do, regardless of the great strides we have made. With five billion people still unsaved, we must gain ground. What struck me is that if we are to see Jesus come back any time soon, the Church must be reformed once again. What humbled me, though, was the impression that God was challenging me to do something about it. This was in direct conflict with where I was in my comfort zone of ministry at that time.

The challenge to play a role in the restoration of the Church reminded me of a time of prayer I had in spring of 2004. At that time, God challenged me to take responsibility for the Ukraine. That experience led to the events of the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, which I thought was the ultimate. Now, I was sensing that the victories in Ukraine had only been a preparation for this new challenge.

As I prayed about the vision over the next few months, I received clear direction on my role in this latest reformation. My first duty that became abundantly clear was that I should write a book that addresses areas where the Church must have a SHIFT to leave the old and bring in the new. The result is what you are holding in your hand now: CHURCHSHIFT.

May the Lord God of heaven use this humble work to help touch and tranform His Church. I pray that the little lessons I’ve been taught behind the Iron Curtain of communism will be a blessing to the wider body of Christ.

It was the missionaries and their supporters, Bible providers, intercessors, charity workers, smugglers and martyrs sent by the West who reached my family for Christ, provided water to my village in Nigeria, then gave me materials and needed support while I struggled in my Christian walk behind the Iron Curtain. It is God’s perfect plan of sowing and reaping that He would now send me to return the benefits of all He taught me while under their care.

My prayer is that every church leader, pastor or bishop will read this book and use its workbook to make a study in home groups, cells, small groups, home churches, Sunday Schools and Bible colleges. May the lessons inside this book not be lost, but bring us all to SHIFT to help gather in the last harvest.


Pastor Sunday

Each paragraph in this book blows your mind away and sets you on a journey, a path, a new world of achieving the impossible and thinking the incredible, making your previous dreams and visions an ant. This book is a letter from God.



The interesting thing about this book is that it doesn’t only communicate vision, it communicates the passion to fulfill vision.

Pastor Sunday is a young old man: young because of his age of less than forty years old, old because at such a young age he has known what old men like me know and has been able to accomplish what many old men like me have not been able to do.

 — T. L. Osborn

Sunday Adelaja is an indisputable success in his family, in his church, in his nation… This book will help you grow personally and spiritually. Read it and SUCCEED!

 — Peter Lowe, Founder and CEO,
Get Motivated Seminars

Some are called to churches. Some called to cities. Sunday Adelaja has a fresh word for the nations! His experience with the Lord, his compassion for people and commitment to the Kingdom make Sunday Adelaja a World Class leader with a World Class vision to build a World Class army to change the world for Christ. If you desire to have a SHIFT in your life, this World Class book is a must for you today. Read and reap benefits for a lifetime.

 — Kenneth C. Ulmer, D.Min., Ph.D.Presiding Bishop,
 Macedonia International Bible Fellowship

Pastor Sunday Adelaja has been mightily used by the Lord to transform his society for Christ. In his book, CHURCHSHIFT, he teaches how one can learn how to take full responsibility and begin to climb the ladder of true greatness in life. If you desire to live at the highest possible leadership level, then this book is a must for you.

— Pastor Stan Toler,
Trinity Church of the Nazarene

Sunday Adelaja’s ministry inspires people all over the world. For those who live where Christians are persecuted, we are encouraged to see God quickly bring a nation from religious repression to freedom of religion and democracy. We are inspired to see God use a pastor to bring national transformation. Thank you, Sunday, for providing hope and for setting such a bold example.

— Eddy Leo, Pastor,
Abbalove Ministries, Jakarta, Indonesia

Kingdom leaders expand our spiritual horizons and cause us to see the world from God’s perspective. Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s classic book, Maximum Impact, challenges the reader to trust God for the resources required in order to bring societal transformation. In your quest for maximum spiritual growth, this invaluable book will change your life forever. Read it now and reap a lifetime.

— J. Don George, Calvary Church,
Irving, Texas

I know of no Minister around the world that is more unique and influential than Bishop Sunday Adelaja. I count him as a wonderful friend in the Kingdom and pray God’s divine protection and direction over his dynamic ministry. The supernatural principles of this book are radical, controversial and life changing. They will make ministers of the Gospel reconsider their place and calling in ministry. Our minds will be stretched and our concepts will be challenged, as they should be, for more effective 21st Century ministry, and preparation for the coming of the Lord.

— Dr. Wendell Smith,
The City Church of Seattle, USA

Sunday Adelaja is a leading figure, not only in the Ukraine, but in the world. He has a spirit of faith driven by his compassion for people. The word he speaks is one of authority!

— Billy Joe Daugherty,
Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK

Sunday Adelaja is one of those new breed of men who is influencing a nation, and modeling a new style of missions. While there are some men who see success in another church or nation and follow their example, Pastor Sunday is that example that men from around the world hear about, and follow. He is a cross-cultural missionary who has made a new mold of what missions can do, to touch a nation. I consider Pastor Sunday a modern day hero of the Faith.

— Pastor Robert Barriger,
Camino De Vida, Lima, Peru

Sunday Adelaja and I share a hero – Dr. D. James Kennedy. Through Dr. Kennedy’s passion for both the evangelism mandate and the cultural mandate, Pastor Sunday was inspired to equip his congregation to impact public life. What a mark Pastor Sunday has made on Ukraine, Europe, and the world! I applaud his vision for ministry.

— John Sorensen, Executive Vice President,
Evangelism Explosion International.

Several years ago I was discarding items from an overgrown stack of mail. One brochure caught my eye. As I read, I was gripped by Sunday Adelaja’s brilliant grasp of the interrelationship between biblical truths and public policy. Instead of trashing it, I showed the article to others. If one brochure is that enlightening, think what an entire book might be.

— Dr. Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor,
Skyline Wesleyan Church San Diego, CA

The words in this book come from a man who is a living testimony. If you want transformation and not just information, then you need to read words from someone who has been transformed. If your life needs a revolution, Pastor Sunday has done that as well, described in these pages. This book provides God’s model for transformation and the mind-set of a Christ-centered revolution all from an incredible man who has lead and experienced them both.

— Dr. Ben Lerner; New York Times Best Selling Author
and U.S. Olympic Team Physician

This book will be a catalyst in leading a strategic church in today’s world. When you read about the awesome experiences of Pastor Sunday, it will inspire you to believe God for “greater things.” I cannot wait to see this book published and read by thousands of pastors and church leaders like me who are hungry for a powerful and extraordinary move of God to impact our cities and nations.

— David A. Sobrepeña, Founding Pastor
Word of Hope Church Manila, Philippines

Favor may open doors, but influence changes nations. Sunday Adlaja is a man of great influence for the cause of Christ. His anointing services in Kiev in a massive sports stadium are so dynamic, diverse, exciting that when they end after five hours, no one wants to leave! Simply spectacular! That is the man Sunday Adelaja – simple truth, spectacular faith, massive results. Catch the largeness of his spirit, and find the greatness of God unfolding in your life.

— Paul Louis Cole
President, Christian Men’s Network

Just as Moses was a meek leader who impacted change in a nation by the power of God, so has Sunday Adelaja. In a meek, yet bold way, Pastor Sunday shows the world how to make the Gospel socially relevant. His words will challenge you. His story will inspire you!

— Bishop Dale C. Bronner, D. Min., Word Of Faith Family
Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, GA

In today’s fatherless world, where men abdicate their roles and shun responsibility, God must raise up fathers who will accept responsibility for families, communities, and nations. Sunday Adelaja, a fatherless child, has become a father to a nation. This book reveals the Father’s heart and inspires us to act on what is right.

— J. Doug Stringer, Founder and President,
Somebody Cares

In CHURCHSHIFT, Sunday Adelaja articulates the greatest need Christians have today – for churches not just to be large, but to be large in influence. This book will help not only to build churches but to take nations.

— Alexey Ledyaev, Senior Pastor,
New Generation Churches, Riga, Latvia

The Great Commission includes saving souls and planting churches, but much more. God’s mandate to us is nothing less than taking dominion of His entire creation here on earth. No one has put this mandate into practice more wisely and effectively than my good friend, Sunday Adelaja. Of all the excellent new books on aggressively advancing the Kingdom of God, this one stands out as being the most practical.

— C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle
International Coalition of Apostles

I believe CHURCHSHIFT is one of the most important and timely messages that you will ever read. This book is not only relevant, it is revolutionary. One thing that stands out about the great man of God, Sunday Adelaja, is His passion for the Kingdom and his vision for the nations. Are you ready to begin the greatest journey of your life? Your life is about to change!

— Sam Hinn, Pastor, The Gathering Place
Worship Center, Orlando

Sunday has practically applied the principles of the Kingdom to his life, church, city, nation, and the world in every sphere of life and it is bringing transformation. The only hope of seeing transformation in our world is the living out of the principles he teaches from God’s Word about the Kingdom. Rock on Sunday! Read this book--then apply it.

— Bob Roberts, Pastor NorthWood Church; Author,
Transformation and Glocalization

Sunday Adelaja brings to you one of the greatest Christian hero stories of the modern world. Reading these pages, you will be inspired to live a greater life than you have ever dreamed possible. Your fear will be turned into faith, your burdens into blessings and your impossibilities into possibilities in Christ. Think of Pastor Sunday in terms of, "These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also (Acts 17:6).

— James O. Davis, Cochair/Founder,
Billion Soul Initiative

Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a true man of God called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world. His faithfulness and friendship have touched my life and the lives of many. This book will give you a true understanding of what the church is called to be; strong, powerful, and full of life. If you want to have an impact in your life, read this book, take to heart the message, and go fulfill the great commission.

— John Bevere, Founder,
Messenger International

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