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Pastor Bose Adelaja: A life that will be remembered (Part 2)

Pastor Bose Adelaja

God has given everybody something they can use to leave a mark in this life. We should not compare ourselves with other people, because each one of us is unique. God has provided everything we need to fulfill His mandate in the earth and live a life that will be remembered. We need to open our eyes to see and be obedient to the will of God.

If we want to be effective, then we need to pay close attention to both man and God.

Ask yourself: “What is my relationship with God?”, “What is the place of man and God in my life?”, “Do I have the same God as the faithful servants of the Bible, or not?”

Pastor Bose Adelaja: A life that will be remembered (Part 1)

Pastor Bose Adelaja

Pastor Bose Adelaja: A life that will be remembered (Part 1) 

In order to live a life that will be remembered, you do not have to wait for a better time - NOW IS THE TIME AND PLACE OF PURPOSE!

God has a place and purpose for every single person on earth!

God created you as unique and important, because He has a purpose for your life – to make it a life that will be remembered. Your life was created to leave a mark on your generation – we are not here just for fun; for wasting days and years, and living a purposeless life.

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