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To Reach the World
The Embassy of God is a missionary church and understands that everyone is a missionary. Part of that understanding is the revelation that each and every person in the body of Christ must be functioning in the Body. As the church has grown, the number and variety of ministry opportunities has also expanded. No matter what the interest, there is a ministry to fit the desire. Charity and social work are a big part of the mission of the Embassy of God. Over 50% of the church is actively involved in organized ministry, while many others minister on a personal basis.

Stephania Soup Kitchen
Stephania is a soup kitchen that is administrated by the church. It has grown from just a small soup kitchen to a place where more than two thousand people receive a free meal each day. More than just food is provided, however. Free medical clinic services are on hand, free showers and clothes washing space is available, children receive special attention, and a special, warm waiting room is provided where a message of hope is shared with those waiting for food. There is even a free advising center for those wanting to change and improve their lifestyles. All of this is provided free of charge to the visitors. Stephania is the perfect example of how Christians can use their physical wealth to minister to others and spread the gospel in a practical manner. Senator Leonid Chernovetskiy provides the funding to keep this ministry operational.

Rehabilitation Center
Pastor Natasha Potopaeva, a former alcoholic of many years, heads the Love Rehabilitation Center. After she was delivered from alcoholism, the Lord spoke to her to begin helping other people become free from addictions. The center began in 1994 and is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, 2004. There are two alternatives for people seeking help. The first is like a support center where drug addicts and alcoholics and their relatives can come and receive counseling, advice and support. The second is an actual live-in center. Potential candidates and their relatives are interviewed before admission to make sure they are ready for the program. Both centers do not focus only on the addicts themselves, but on the entire environment to which they will be returning. Counseling and training are provided for the parents, spouses or family of the addicts. Those who are in the live in center have a full day routine of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional activities. The object is not just to free the system from drugs, but also to fill them with something else, so they will be able to stay free. Many former alcoholics and drug addicts after completing the course at the rehabilitation center have gone on to become pastors, ministers and business men.

Family Ministries
Pastor Ludmila Leshenko heads the family and marital ministries. This ministry is an integral part of the foundation of the church. After 70 years of communist propaganda, the family is in bad shape in Ukraine. Men and women do not know the roles they should have and there are few healthy examples where young couples can look for advice. People were taught that there was no God and, therefore, there were no morals, especially in relationships. The Family ministry operates a marriage school for anyone who wants to get married. In these classes the roles of spouses, religion, family, work and children are discussed. Also taught are relationship guidelines and practical things such as budgeting and organizing your life. However, several key questions are discussed and answered, such as: why are you getting married, are you ready for marriage, how do you know who to marry, and when to get married. To help young people avoid the trap of improper relationships and temptation, dating is discouraged. Instead, they are encouraged to remain friends until after God has spoken and revealed His will. Then, the couple completes marriage school, and answers 70 questions with Pastor Ludmila. These questions help the couple gauge their readiness for engagement and marriage. After their meeting with Pastor Ludmila they get a certificate stating that they are ready for marriage. The Family Ministry is always ready to help with advice and prayer if anyone has a problem.

Prayer Ministries
Prayer is a vital part of the Embassy of God. Pastor Yuri Ivanovich received the revelation from God to begin holding night prayers for Pastor Sunday. Since that time the ministry has grown. Now, night prayers are held every night of the week at the central church. Additionally, there are numerous 24-hour prayer chains that pray for specific topics, such as missionaries, other countries, Pastor Sunday, our churches, etc. The many prayer requests that are sent to the Embassy of God are all handed to the prayer teams where they receive individual prayer and attention.

School Ministry
The School Ministry provides valuable services for schoolchildren in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. They provide classes which are integrated into the school year schedule. These classes teach healthy lifestyle habits and anti-drug messages. The classes are filled with Biblical concepts and principles, although they are not operated by a church. In the regular schools students are given hope and teaching about God. The teachers and counselors provide after school clubs, parents’ meetings, teachers’ meetings and counseling for students. The curriculum created by this ministry is now being used throughout Ukraine in the public schools.

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  • Comment Link Pr John Sulai Monday, 19 September 2011 17:23 posted by Pr John Sulai

    pray for a church plant i am involved in Kajiado Districk in Kenya.

    pray for funds for temporary Sunday school classrooms. our children sit outside in the sun and wind and rain.


    Pr John

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