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Areas of Social Work in the “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations " Church


* Help people to get free from various addictions:
- Drugs
- Tobacco
- Alcohol
- Gambling
- Internet/Computer

 * Work with homeless and poor people. This work is carried out by "Social Partnership" in conjunction with the Embassy of God Church.

Hotline: 15-51 free for landlines,
+ 38 (044) 391-73-73 is for mobiles.
*Rehabilitation of People with HIV / AIDS

* Adaptation and Social rehabilitation of those who have just left prison.

* Adaptation and Social rehabilitation of people with different sexual orientations

* Rehabilitation of relatives of addicts.

* Spiritual & psychological rehabilitation of people diagnosed with cancer at ontological hospitals. This includes children as well as their parents - providing them spiritual and psychological help.

Hotline: 38 (044) 360-65-29

Project: Cities of refuge (Revival of Villages)

8 (800) 502-39-30
8-800-502-39-30 (Vishnevy City, Kyiv region)


Work with Disabled Persons

Muscular-skeletal system malfunction and other categories of disability.

* Rehabilitation of disabled people through the use of IT and the Internet

* Adaptation and Social rehabilitation of people diagnosed with schizophrenia.


* Work with children with delays in their intellectual development (individual and Group works)

* Work with street children
- the project "Planet is in children’s hands" is for street kids

* Children’s Puppet Theatre “Kapitoshka” (Vishnevy Town)

* Sport Movement (football clubs, clubs of various kinds of martial arts)

* Education Center for Girls, "Institute of Noble Maidens" (Simferopol City)

* Children Psychological Training Center (Prevention and treatment of neuroses in Children, fears, etc.)


* Prevention of abortion and the post-abortion rehabilitation

* Rehabilitation of single women, women with low self-esteem and divorced women

* Rehabilitation of women who experienced violence and abuse in the family

* Spiritual and psychological help for pregnant women

* Spiritual and psychological help for widows


* The Movement "Fatherhood." Institute of fatherhood
* Encouraging relationships between fathers and children

* Adaptation and Social rehabilitation of ex-servicemen

Work with the elderly people

* Spiritual and psychological help for the elderly
* Charity dinners
* Patronage
* Club for the elderly


* All-Ukrainian Movement "Prevention of Negative Phenomena among Young People"

* Movement for direction of youth education in the spirit of patriotism and love for the Motherland

* Training Center for personal development - Project "Skimens"

* Interactive Theatre “Three Years "- prevention of abortion in schools

* Travel Club for teens

* Youth Center "Area of life" (Vishnevy Town).


* School of the preparation for marriage

* Work with families in critical situations

* Club work with families

* Movement “To be In marriage for life "

* Internet movement: Work with families - "Family psychologist”. Lviv City

* Work with families on adoption of orphaned children

* Internet-project "1 + 1" (introduction service for married and unmarried)


* Bible Institute "Joshua"
* International Training School -History Makers Bible School
* "The Center of Personal’s Restoration and Society’s Transformation"
* Education center for girls, "Institute of Noble Maidens" (Simferopol town)
* Training via the Internet - Center for the mastery of computer literacy


* Christian Theatre "Light Theatre". Art Therapy
* Youth Theatre "Bright Heart"
Ukrainian Folk Choir
* Association of Christian Artists


* Sport Movement
- Children’s soccer teams;
- Clubs of different kinds of martial arts.

* Sport Movement "Sport. Unity. Friendship". Sport as a means of preventing negative phenomena among young people.

* "Sports Against Drugs." Sport as a means of preventing negative phenomena among young people.


* The movement of evangelism "The Festival of Jesus" (holding citywide evangelistic activities)

* The Ministry of Healing (Spiritual Help for healing in hospitals, at home. Individual consulting)
Hotline: (044) 360-65-29

* Motion "The Living Gospel" (Evangelism through visualization)

* Evangelism in medical establishments

International Club

Active Citizenship

* All-Ukrainian movement "Against Drug Addiction and Drug corruption"

Hotline - 0-800-50-73-81

* All-Ukrainian NGO "Committee for the fight against organized crime and corruption"

* Motion "Morality in Society"

* The project "Ukraine without tuberculosis"

* The movement for the protection of human rights and dignity. Legal advice and support

* Press center. Public Movement "Pure pen".

Contact us for more details:

(044) 222-80-16, 10:00-19:00 – Social Department of the God’s Embassy church.

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  • Comment Link Charles Howard Hartman Thursday, 08 September 2011 13:27 posted by Charles Howard Hartman

    Thanks! Godparents for Eldsters might be worthwhile.

    'Each eldster with Godparents, and none shall be afraid.'

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