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The Center for the Restoration of Personality and Society’s Transformation

Victoriya Melnik, President of the Centre

To become effective in that area that you have been called to, and life in general, you need to uncover the true essence of your personality, the sources of its growth and to develop them.
 For these reasons, the Centre for Personality Rehabilitation and Society’s Transformation has been set up.
 If you are interested in moving up in the field of education, business, culture, medicine, politics, sport etc; then we invite you to come and attend our lectures, seminars and trainings.
 Our sessions are held in the Kiev, Ukraine.
 After the completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate to that effect.
  We are mainly focused on the rehabilitation and development of:

  • Family relationships
  • Men
  • Women
  • Children, Teenagers & youth
  • Beauty and Health
  • Physical Education and Sport
  • Spiritual Management
  • Practical Counselling
  • Personality Development
  • Foreign Languages
  • Inter-confessional culture
  • Politics, state and law
  • Social pedagogic
  • Business and management
  • Theatre

Our mode of study includes:
Full time: You can complete the course in 3months. This starts in September 2008. (Note: Rehabilitation starts in September 2008).
Part time: You complete the course in 9months. The training takes off twice a week.
Instructions by correspondence: You can complete the course in 9months.

 Sessions begin on the 20th September 2008

2/4 Olhynska street, office 32, Kyiv, 03164.

+38(044)253-04-83 , +38(067)962-69-27

Victoriya Melnik,
President of the Centre.

Make a decision to improve your life and the life of others…

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Contact Us

+38 (093) 032-44-88
+38 (068) 302-47-10
+38 (044) 331-02-58


2 Izhevskaya str., Tent, Kyiv city, Ukraine


  • Sundays: at 12:00

  • Thursdays: at 18:30



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